WeatherRun App Updated to Support M7 processor

WeatherRun, an outdoor activity tracking app that shows and logs runs, hikes or bike rides along with weather conditions now comes with a step tracker. The app takes advantage of M7 chip in iPhone5S to get access to steps taken and displays it on the app's dashboard. One can view monthly steps in the history screen.
Users don't need to run the app to record the steps data. The app just pulls it using iOS CoreMotion API. Until now app developers had to create their own algorithms to find the steps taken and to find when the device is in motion. With M7 and new CoreMotion API, it has really cut down the development time and provides much more accurate results along with preserving the battery life.
WeatherRun app has a vast array of features hidden under its belt. If you are a Pebble Watch user then you can view your run and weather stats on your wrist. It also connects with TI sensor tag to provide more accurate and local environmental data. WeatherRun also supports adding geo-tagged photos to one's activity tracks.
Now outpace the weather with WeatherRun!







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